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Merry Christmisérables: this is an ill-fated attempt at a coherent review

I really like Les Misérables (which will be referred to as Les Mis from here on out because ain’t no one got time for that l’accent aigu nonsense). I was introduced to the brick in 8th grade aka the moment my life was set. I’ve been following the film news since the 25th anniversary concert … Continue reading »

The Thing: A Review

Grab your warmest parka and start up your flamethrowers – it’s time for a film review. Let’s start with a short, heartwarming story about a young girl. At age eight, I had never seen a horror movie; and my dad, the loving, caring father he was, decided to take care of that. He showed me … Continue reading »

Conan the Barbarian: A Review

Kind reader, are you the type of man or woman who desires senseless violence and topless women in your movie experience? Well, I have to sadly inform you that your love of blood-thirst and tits will not save you from the wretchedness that is Conan the Barbarian.  I will start this off by saying that no, … Continue reading »


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